WRKNYC at City Challenge, Randall's Island 2014

At WRKNYC, we’re always up to something. You can find us flexing our muscles in our midtown gym or in a host of local and regional events.  If the weather permits we head outdoors to either Pier 45 or St. Vartan’s Park and use the city space as our gym. Sometimes we’ll cancel classes and head out to a Tough Mudder or Spartan. And if we’re not doing any of those fun activities, you’ll find WRKNYC members in a host of races throughout the year. We do 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and marathons. We have a lot of fun fitness activities up our sleeves so stay connected with us, after all, it’s only a WRKout.


Group WRKouts

Our WRKouts are unlike any other. We push, pull and stretch you into shape. Get ready for the toughest WRKout of your life.

Personal Training

Need one on one time? Our certified personal trainers have helped literally hundreds of clients stay in shape

Adventure Runs

We do them all. Tough Mudders, Spartans, Battlefrog. We put our WRKouts to the test in these obstacle courses.


Love to run? Join our team for races from 5ks to marathons. WRKNYC has been represented in races all over the country.


It’s a place where everybody knows your name and it feels like a personalized workout session. I never worked out this much 2 years ago. Now every time I step foot in a new studio they ask me “What do I do to stay in such great shape…” I tell them ” I do #WRKNYC “


Love my #fitfam. Where everyone knows your name and you are guaranteed to sweat and have fun doing it. Trainers push you. Teammates support you. No other place compares to WRKNYC.


A lot of men don’t do group classes because they think it’s easy. The WRKNYC WRKouts kick my ass every time.  That’s what I need and that’s why I keep returning. They keep me in the best shape of my life.


I enjoyed their WRKouts so much that it became difficult for me to workout elsewhere. So even though it’s more convenient for me to workout uptown, I’ll get on the train to WRKNYC. What can I say? They’re worth it.

We never stop throwing out challenges to our members and they never stop delivering their best game.  Here is our most recent Move Of The Week

Burpee jacks

We’re flying south for the winter…….welll only for the weekend. WRKNYC members will be in sunny South Florida for the Miami Marathon. The Miami Marathon & Half Marathon takes you through the streets of Miami starting in the downtown area, to the scenic beaches, through the art district and back around to the lovely bay area. Email us if you’re interested in joining us for the race.

The Spartan races are some of our favorites, especially the sprints where more of our members participate. Join us for an amazing time. Membership in our gym is not necessary.